Adirondacon... Moving on to Year 2

In October of 2017, we held our first Adirondacon Tabletop Gaming Convention and we are currently planning our next event, for September of 2018. Adirondacon is an event for tabletop game enthusiasts to gather, play games and hopefully raise a bit of money for charity.  While we are lucky to have some local Comic Cons in the Adirondack area and a bit beyond, this is a convention to focus mainly on tabletop games in our region. So if you love board games, card games, RPGs, or anything that can be played on or off a table, we hope you will join us this Fall for ADIRONDACON 2.   

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What to Expect

We are currently in negotiations to move Adirondacon into a bigger venue this September.... and expand it to a two-day event!  So, that means more space, more tables and more games!  We're also inviting more local game designers to join us, so we can showcase the amazing local talent we have in the area, and help some independent companies showcase their games and get some feedback.

How You Can Help

As we are planning the Fall event we will be looking for several types of help: Mostly we will be looking for people to sign up and run games, volunteers to help plan and promote the convention, help gathering donations for our Extra Life Raffle and help setting up and organizing events.

Extra Life Goals

Last year at Adirondacon we raised $802 dollars.  This year we set a goal of $2000.  In the Spring, at ADK Tabletop Day The Spring Roll, we raised a little over $400, so between now, and the end of the year we hope to raise at least $1600 more. If you can help team Adirondack Tabletop Gamers out by making a donation directly through their Extra Life Page or by donating an item or gift card to our Adirondacon 2 Extra Life Raffle, or even joining the team, we would be grateful!

Extra Life is a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital fundraising program within the gaming community to help treat sick kids. Learn more about Extra Life.